Our Story

Following eight years of personal styling; Founder Priscilla launched Tokyo Foxtrot in November 2022, after spending the year in Tokyo, Japan.


Helping many styling clients facing body image challenges  was something that resonated deeply with Priscilla; and gave her a deep understanding of how an outfit should make someone feel.
A special outfit can change the way you feel, the way you walk, talk, smile, the decisions you make.  The right outfits can change how you feel about who you are; and can even alter the entire trajectory of your day.

Priscilla wanted that million dollar feeling of bottled confidence to be accessible to everyone, without needing to hire a stylist to create it for them.

Our first full collection are pieces that  consider real women's bodies. Pieces that can be adjusted, styles that fit and flatter different shapes; that can be versatile staples, or special statement pieces. Wear it your way; to feel your most confident.

Effortless, sophisticated looks that make you truly feel as confident and remarkable as you look; every time. Because feeling good is even more important than looking good; and the combination of both is where the magic happens.