Our Story

Our Founder

Personal stylist and Founder Priscilla (P) launched Tokyo Foxtrot in November 2022, following a year spent living in Tokyo, Japan.

After spending eight years as a personal stylist; the most important lesson in Priscilla's fashion repertoire was educating clients that the right outfit has the power to transform, empower, protect and inspire you.

Everyone deserves to know how it feels to wear something that makes you feel confident, beautiful and special - the driver behind each design.

A special outfit can change the way you feel, the way you walk, talk, smile, the decisions you make. The right outfits can change how you feel about who you are; and can even alter the entire trajectory of your day.
Tokyo Foxtrot's ethos is that esoteric 'million dollar feeling' of bottled confidence should be accessible to everyone; without needing to hire a stylist to create it for them.

The Brand Name

Tokyo Foxtrot, our evocative brand name is comprised of two special elements .
TOKYO; the city that inspires the imagination. Where we began our journey, it is also the city in which our brand was brought to life.

And FOXTROT; a term Priscilla uses to describe that special walk of someone who's outfit has truly catapulted their confidence.  

Our Garments

Our pieces consider real women's bodies. Pieces that can be adjusted, styles that fit and flatter different shapes; that can be versatile staples, or special statement pieces. Wear it your way; to feel your most confident.

Effortless, sophisticated looks that make you truly feel as confident and remarkable as you look; every time.
Because feeling good is even more important than looking good; and the combination of both is where the magic happens.